About Surya Estates

is incorporated by two young entrepreneurs – Mr.D. Satyanarayana Reddy and B.v.Prabhuji, keeping in view the ever in - demand need for affordable house sites.

The management is well experienced having more than 15 years association with the real estate industry. Many a ventures ranging from mid to large have been successfully completed under their individualistic leadership.

The commitment factor plays an important role and is an integral part of Surya Estates

Out of this huge Earth we live in, only 29% is land mass and we, at ‘Surya Estates’ understand its value.

Keeping in time with population explosion and immigration at Rural India Into the urban society, its high time to keep in pace with the ever expanding demand in Housing Sector. The need of this hour is to develop perallel sattelite Townships which are well connected with the Main Land.

‘Surya Estates’ Masters in the mission to develop such Townships to meet existing the demand for genuine House sites.

At this sametime a vertical expansion is also the need of this hour. Hence, Our mission includes this constrution at Independent Houses and highrise Apartment projects at the Most happening and in demand places.

Further, when we look into the future with confidence and vision, we see the dreams of millions. The dream of owning a piece of land. The dream of having a Home of their own. the dream living in colonies which define modern and cozy living.

All these and More, we have the ability to realise a million dreams. We have the progressive attitude to create huge employment opportunities. We are viewing to contribrute to the GDP. Yes, we can, Just a Matter of time.

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